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I am Sieme Musters.

I am a spatial designer. The designs I make are often inspired on a social context, where sustainability is of great importance. I am always in a quest for the value of contemporary materials and objects. I think it is urgent that a design process is carried out in a playful way, in which collaborations arise.


I was born in 1996 and grew up in Dorst in North Brabant. As a small child I was already busy drawing, crafting and converting my ideas into images. In 2012 I started studying spatial design at 'De Rooi Pannen' in Tilburg. In this study I developed skills in store interior design, set design and product design. When I graduated in 2016, I started working for a company that makes wooden furniture. I found out that I missed designing, so I took a 'LOI interior design' course. In 2017 I started at the Art Academy St Joost. This developed my artistic and social view in the field of spatial design. I developed a great interest in how people live. How can we live in a more sustainable, functional and pleasant way? I like to question and research these topics in relation to architecture, urban planning and product design.


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Tel: 316 43475037

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