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A Couch

For Keeps

A project I am currently working on.

When I walk down the street, I am often struck by how many discarded, dirty, but sometimes still functional sofas and couches I see. These sofas are collected as bulky waste. Isn’t that a shame? Such a large piece of waste, which still contains so many good materials. Can’t we extend the life of a sofa? 

I have designed a couch that never goes out on the street. All the parts are separate from each other and can easily be replaced. You determine the shape. The sofa can take a traditional shape, but it can also become an asymmetrical seating object in different styles. Therefore, the modular sofa continues to reinvent itself. This is a couch for keeps.

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-23 om 15.06_edited.jpg
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