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A Low Cost Residential Design

In collaboration with:

Wessel van Poppel & Marco Morelissen

Involved corporations:

Benthem Crouwel Architects

Water As Leverage

Avans Academie Bouw&Infra 


Project from August 2019 until January 2020

This is a concept design I worked on for 5 months, in collaboration with two Avans engineering students. We have chosen for a project which is about (low cost) housing in Chennai, focusing on heat stress and quality of public space. We made this choice because it is important to embrace water in traditional and modern Indian architecture. 



In this project we are looking for an improved living environment where cultures live harmoniously together. We find it important to involve culture and religion, but not to use it. Religious expressions are sensitive in Indian culture. The design must be accessible to everyone, so that residents have room to express themselves. It is important to improve their living environment without forcing them into a lifestyle.


Embracing Water

India is a country with a rainy season and a period of extreme drought. That is why it is of great importance to store as much rainwater as possible and to make it usable in a healthy living environment with decent sanitary facilities.



It's time to look at materials that emit less or no CO2. For example, we will delve into replacement materials for construction and insulation. Besides that, we will use a lot of greenery so the water can go into the ground. A green space also can make the living environment more pleasant.

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