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A current project I am working on.

I started looking at daily, natural waste material. I was quickly fascinated by the waste of peanuts. This snack often comes in bags of 300 or 500g, of which perhaps 70% is waste material. You buy a bag for about one and a half euros, of which you pay 1 euro in waste. That's a shame right? In this project I want to question whether I can use a natural waste material for other purposes.

I have always been a wood fanatic. Not only because of the infinite choice in color and type, but also the possibilities that the material has to offer. Sometimes it is almost as hard as stone, sometimes it is soft and pliable. I have always been in favor of wood use. It is bio-based and is therefore often CO2 negative. Nowadays wood seems to be an inexhaustible resource, but when the world starts building everything from wood, nature can no longer keep up. There must be an alternative to this. A material with the allure of a decorative wood type. I went looking for the peanut shell, because of its color and structure.

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